You had me at hello

Why hello great big bloggersphere, we are Girls on Film.

Two girls, to be exact: Holly Thicknes and Amelia Conway.

holly scan amelia scan

Just a quick one about who we are and what we are doing here. We are two girls living in London with a passion for all things film, hoping to share with you all some thoughts and ideas about the film industry, and perhaps utilise some of the knowledge we learnt in our combined 7 years of university. We will be embarking on a mission to review our pick of films, cinemas, exhibitions and popcorn brands for your benefit.

Girls on Film is: A space to discuss the art of film. Set against the backdrop of The Big Smoke. Somewhere to let our ideas roam. Female-driven. Creative. Inclusive. Passionate. Sexy. Reptilian.

The two of us have different tastes and different opinions but ultimately what brings us together is our passion for cinema, and we want to share that love with you all. We will be giving our insights into new releases, old favourites and different genres that take our fancy. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop us a comment.

The world is our slimy oyster and we plan to blow it wide open from our dingy corners of London. Ultimately, we want to celebrate all of the beautiful art that filmmakers have made and continue to make around the world. It would be such a waste not to.

first meeting scan-1

Maybe you’ll agree with us, maybe you won’t. But hopefully we can provide some interesting thoughts about the movie biz, the history of film and the cinema’s of London.




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