Films4Free @ Dalston Roof Park


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What a delightful idea…. £5 for the whole summer grants you access to film screenings, music, food stalls and all manner of exciting events – and a great view of the sun setting over east London in a roof garden adorned with fairy lights.

The LBB – Let’s Be Brief – Films4Free takeover of the Dalston Roof Park was a chilled-out mini film festival full of colourful, happy Londoners stuffing their faces with delicious jerk chicken and rice and peas (provided by Roti Stop), crowding around the little wooden bar trying to get a beverage, and enjoying the syrupy mellow sounds from DJ-of-the-night The Insomniax – who also wrote the screenplay to the debuting short Love She Wants (Random Acts/Channel 4 commissioned, and excellent).

Apart from a few technical difficulties with the laptop, the evening was stress-free, electric and chilled-out. And the films were surprisingly innovative, managing to avoid the cliched East-London-indie-look by combining well thought-out stories that were delivered with convincing acting, and threaded together by the sound elements. The screenings were a mixture of stop motion, animation and live action, and all were music-driven in their content (apt subject matter for the surroundings and situation). GOF love a good movie that knows the importance of music….

We’ll be stopping by the Roof Park again to make good our membership cards & enjoy the shrinking London sky from a spectacular viewpoint one night after work ❤



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