Guardians of the Galaxy @ The Aubin

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It took me a very, very, very, unnaturally long time to find The Aubin in Shorditch. Having just visited The Phoenix in East Finchley to take a few snaps, I had a vision in my mind of an old-fashioned domed building set amongst the colourful surroundings with big neon signs advertising the latest movies… And I love having my expectations subverted.

As I was stumbling around the block for the third time, sweating with frustration, incredulously staring at the lying map on my phone from which the light was shining dimmer and dimmer as the battery clung helplessly to existence, I suddenly glimpsed from the corner of my eye a cryptic sign that – did it? – yes! It spelt ‘CINEMA!’

The Aubin was right in front of me, down a flight of stairs behind large glass doors. Simple, small, unique and hidden in the old brick wall, it removes itself from the manic congestion of Shorditch that flourishes all around it (The Richmix is part of the same block). I emerged from the stairway into an arty little cocktail bar with sofas, an old fashioned popcorn maker and a selection of (expensive) gourmet snacks.

The cocktail menu appeared beautifully designed and tailor-made. It was only after I’d taken my first zesty sip of my Floral Sapphire that I realised there was a specially designed ‘Kernels of the Galaxy’ cocktail to accompany the Guardians of the Galaxy film! Obviously, I had to try this. It would be ridiculous and a waste-of-experience not to.

Between our group, we sampled the Floral Sapphire (very floral flavours indeed, with a punchy zing), the Kernels of the Galaxy (a sweet & smokey old-fashioned), the Black Cherry Daiquiri (berry delicious, and you can’t beat the silky texture of a daiquiri) and a large amount of popcorn. Everything was delicious. Although the experience at The Aubin was a dear one (the ticket was £13, the cocktails £8 and the popcorn £3), it was a well worth-it one, and the drinks did not disappoint.

GOF love a bit of drama in their viewing experience, and The Aubin brought just that.


As a viewing experience of Guardians of the Galaxy, I could not have had a better time, what with the tailor-made cocktail, the comfy little sofa in the cosy little screen, and the fiery humor of the film itself which complimented the situation perfectly. This was truly a film to have fun with – and being a little squiffy to begin with didn’t hurt.

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy diverts the superhero movie of late away from the dark depths of seriousness, satire and heavy subjects where it has been lurking for a while now, and instead opts for a lighter, comic tone. It’s playful and flirty, with a greatly pleasing range of sci-fi-y textures to revel in, such as the green and blue kick-ass aliens (Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan epitomize girl power), walking-talking-growing-retracting tree man ‘Groot’, and bouncy trigger-happy Bradley Cooper Rocket Raccoon (squirrel? Hamster?). The fight scenes are forgettable and the story line is about as typecast adventure-sci-fi as they come, however by maintaining a shallow depth, and knowing how deep it was equipped to go – it didn’t try to be something it wasn’t – Guardians delivers on wit, character and quirk.

Fans of the comic are going to enjoy this one for sure.


By Holly


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