Top pre-movie Pig Out spots we sampled last month

There is one highly essential thing you should know about us – apart from how passionate we are about films etc etc blah blah blah – and that is: we like to eat. For us, cinema is an experience best served with a side ‘o’ chips, and what you put in your mouth pre-movie is part of the whole shebang:

1. Meat Liquor 

Can you see anything? No. Can you get a waitress’s attention? No. Can you hear your friend over the ear-drum shattering gafawwing coming from the group of ‘lads’ next to you? Besides the point. If you like slabs of meat drenched in condiments, whiskey cocktails and disturbingly violent decor, go here for a burger. It’s so fun, and gets you right in the mood for a high-energy action or thriller.

2. Kebab shop next to Screen on the Green

You’re just relaxing back into your pre-booked soft sofa in the Screen on the Green cinema, casually sipping on your glass of Merlot, a bowl of luxury olives next to you… when the stench of kebab and the rustling of a hundred different bags being opened and closed finds its way rudely into your consciousness. No, it isn’t elegant in any way to eat a kebab in the sophisticated SOTG cinema, especially with the range of snacks available, but honestly, the chicken kebab with salad and pitta available in the shop next door is just divine, and what a great accompaniment to a long screening right over dinner time!

3. The Old White Lion

This is a massively under-rated dinner spot and simply beautiful on a Summer’s evening! Seconds from The Phoenix in East Finchley, they sport a variety of home-cooked pub grub (macaroni cheese is to-die-for) and the sort of classy-but-cosy decor that the best pubs in London should. Pop there for a meal with the family just before a heart-wrenching drama or funny rom com, is our advice!

4. Wagamama in Westfield Stratford

So not exactly some posh London joint, or a quaint cafe serving organic pastries and beetroot crisps (not real crisps), but perfect to fill you up with Asian fusion cuisine. Authentic it is not, but I’m pretty sure you all already know how alluring a cheeky bit of waga’s can be. It’s quick, it’s fairly cheap, and let’s face it, it’s delicious – a fast salty noodly delight. And when you’re going to see a big blockbuster in an overpriced multiplex this really does seem like the ideal place to go. This or Maccy’s.

5. Pizza Pilgrims

A wonderful little pizza place run by two guys who really understand the deep passion we all have for pizza. Pizza has become pretty cool of late, so head down to Pilgrims in Soho or Kingly Court (or if you’re lucky to see their street food van driving around) and taste the delicious neapolitan delights on offer. Wash it all down with an Aperol spritz and enjoy with a classic movie at Sanctum Soho Hotel’s cute cinema down the road.

Photo on 2014-07-04 at 15.47

H&A ❤


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