A Touch of Noir @ Cafe 1001 & fried chicken @ Jubo

Film Noir is a slinky, sexy genre that works well in short form: a sensual bite of a story, if you will. We had the pleasure of catching the genre-inspired films by Shots On Tap at Cafe 1001 last night, where the back room was packed out with industry people, students and passers by alike, jostling close to the screen to get the best view possible.

The films ranged from comical and light-hearted, to high-octane and serious, to the horror end of noir, which gave a nice varied palette to the evening. Some had used the film noir theme more literally – The Boot by Peter Boyd Maclean was a flirtatious screw-ball that accentuated the sexual focus of classic noir – and others only contained a subtle hint of it to flavour the core story, such as in Stephen Fingleton’s SLR, which plunged you straight into the murky reality of digital-age photo sharing in an average household. The most successful homages were able to highlight the ongoing relevancy of noir themes (lust, shadows, the underworld) today.

It was enjoyable to see a short film night dedicated to one collective theme, and easier to process that way, too. As already mention, film noir is such a sensual genre that the provocative pulp-like stories can easily follow each other and be consumed in quick succession. This was the 14th monthly short film night hosted by Shorts on Tap, and, clearly, they are doing a great job at spreading the word about fresh filmmaking talent, and some student, around the London community.

This was a truly fun and electric event, so we will definitely be catching next month’s Beyond Scotland screenings (Wednesday 17th September).




But where does the fried chicken come in? Five minutes round the corning on Rivington Street at Korean street food-inspired Jubo, of course! A funky little space clinging onto the side of Bedroom Bar (incidentally, really bad cocktails there, but an entirely separate entity), it serves up mouth-watering spicy kimchee fried rice, delicious pork buns and, more to the point, the best tangy, sweet, sticky, crispy Korean fried chicken, boneless or winged, you will find. We dreaded the bill, but shouldn’t have feared: Jubo is as affordable as it is tasty. The perfect snacky dinner before an inspiring night of screenings. (Warning: you will need to be crane-lifted out from too much chicken consumption. The service is unfairly quick, so you can’t resist ordering more.)








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