Shorts on Tap present: Looking for Changes @ Cafe 1001

wonderkid-kickstarter-campaign-01Fast becoming GOF’s (not to mention half of East London’s) favourite short film evening, this month’s Shorts on Tap night was dedicated to 7 LGBT-focused films, and donated all its proceedings to anti-abuse charity Galop and to the production of short Wonderkid, which profiles homophobia in the footballing community. We were lucky enough to see see talks by Rhys Chapman, writer of Wonderkid, and Mike Buonaiuto, director of Credence (which, from the trailer, looks to be a first-of-its-kind science fiction LGBT-focused feature film).

Also there to give a talk was the founder of Fliqio: a communal mobile platform that allows the viewer to watch and download select short films. The idea is to encourage sharing, like Spotify, and to provide a space where the high-quality content is the prime focus (60% of subscription fee goes back to the filmmaker!). This is the kind of digitally innovative service that the filmmaking community can really benefit from: accessible and to-the-point.

The highlight of our night was hearing the young Rhys Chapman speak about his ideological view of film as a means to communicate messages that can change opinions and rouse action in people to speak out against homophobia in football clubs – and outside of them. He spoke of – and we whole-heartedly agree – how film is a highly powerful tool of communication, particularly on the internet where people spend most of their time roaming, for its immediate and all-encompassing ability to transcribe reality, and therefore capture people’s attention. Wonderkid – endorsed by Ian Mckellen in the trailer – looks to be heartfelt, relevant and real. Don’t miss it!


Other great shorts-of-the-eve included Polaroid Girl by April Maxey, Cold Star by Kai Staenicke and, best of all, Amor Crudo by Juan Chappa and Martin Deus.



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