Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination @ The British Library (in photos)

If you’re into all things macabre and want a great Halloween-themed activity that’s slightly more cultured than just drinking orange cocktails with toilet paper wrapped around your head, make your way to the weird and wonderful Gothic Imagination exhibition at The British Library. Everything from the origins of the genre (Horace Warpole’s supernatural The Castle of Otranto written in 1764) to the mythical evening that spurned Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, to the Victoriana era of Dickens and Jack the Ripper and Bram Stoker, and the Hammer House of Horror legacy, the dark interior takes you on a chronological journey through our dark past. As well as crumbling old yellow manuscripts of many classic eery tales, there were many other expressions of the theme, including film clips, photographs and even fashion….img_0118IMG_0107.JPGIMG_0110.JPGIMG_0108.JPGIMG_0109.JPGIMG_0117.JPG



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