I, Amelia, have some pretty big news to tell you. I’ve decided to leave the Big Smoke behind for a bit to try my hand in the City of Lights. Starting in June something flicked in me. Not entirely sure what it was but I suddenly got undeniable feeling that this is where I had to be. I didn’t care doing what, I knew I just needed to be here.

Paris (from what I have seen so far) has a really interesting film scene. Obviously it’s going to be tricky at first seeing as I actually don’t speak fluent french and I have but two friends to come with me to these events but I really think it’s going to be a fun and eye-opening experience. I will keep up to date with as much as I can and will be writing posts about french films, french film festivals and events. I’m really excited to get started on this, and expand our blog across Europe and then perhaps further.

I leave Holly, my fabulously talented sidekick, to continue what we have been doing and keep me updated with what is going on in the London film scene. Being in France does mean that I may not be able to see english/american films as soon as they come out so might not be getting as many reviews of english-speaking films from me. I will however, still be doing some features. Very exciting things to come for GOF.

Lastly to London, please do not think that this means I no longer love you. I do and I always will. Nothing can compare to your magic, not even the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower can stop your power or pull. I just needed a bit of space, I needed a change. I will be back though, don’t fear.




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