Girls on Film in Paris @ Cinématéque Française

Bonjour! This is my first post from Paree and as such it only seemed right to start with a joint venture. Holly hopped on the Eurostar to join me and another friend for the weekend and while she was here we decided to take this time to do get down to some work – you can’t just sit in cafés and people watch all the time, however much you may want.


To the east of the bustling centre brimming with instantly recognisable monuments, lies ‘Le Cinemateque Française’. An all encompassing film haven consisting of a museum, a cinema and a library, as well as many ever-changing exhibitions. We took a trip there on a sunny Friday afternoon specifically to check out the museum. Unfortunately the Truffaut exhibition was an extra cost and after the extravagant prices of our croque monsieur (cheese on toast) our budgets could not stretch. I will say one great thing about Paris is most places have a reduced prices for under 26’s so even if you are no longer a poor student and just poor you can still reap the benefits.

So we took the lift up to the museum and were greeted as the doors opened to a dark and moody hallway leading us to the collection, which set the tone for things to come. There’s not too much to say about the collection itself; lots of cameras, not a lot else. Certainly not the best curated museum GOF has seen, having the air of a place which had been donated various artefacts and had included them all without too much thought. The collection of original concept sketches by Sergei Eisenstein etc however were lovely and probably my favourite part of the experience.

It was great to learn about the legacy of the building, designed by the American Frank Gehry, which looked bold and beautiful in the November sun, and also the historical significance of the institution to the French New Wave movement, surviving occupation and oppression through the decades and giving lectures to many Godards and Truffauts alike. The museum was very child-friendly, interactive and a bit Disney-esq, and I was pleased to see people of all ages wondering around to learn a bit of film history in the middle of a city over-spilling with art to choose from. It truly seemed to carry the film flame for Paris.

Despite not being wowed I do plan on returning to catch the end of their autumn film festival.






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