Cinesthesia presents: A TRIP TO THE MOON with live score by Antwerp


We love an alternative screening. Keeping public viewing creative in London is an art and we thank anyone who tries to lure people out of their homes and away from their laptops with the promise of film-themed cocktails, rooftop cinemas and hot tub-immersed seating. So we jumped at the chance to see Georges Mellies’ A Trip To The Moon live-scored by successful producer and DJ Antwerp on Tuesday night at Hackney Picturehouse, as well as an entire space-themed, Nasa-sound-sampled evening up in Hackney Attic.

Sadly, we weren’t able to secure footage of Antwerp’s set. We do, however, have some archive footage to give you a taster of what it was like:

Perhaps our expectations tripped us up – we imagined a dreamier, orchestral sound that complimented the origins of Mellies’ classic work and the time in which it was made. He was clearly attempting to reinvigorate the film with a futuristic take on the space traveling element of the story. And the experience did indeed offer a few different takes on this, beginning with a rushed power-point talk on Radio Astronomy (none the wiser) by Antwerp and continuing with ‘a selection of videos about the majestic beauty of the Cosmos’ which Antwerp again scored, accompanied this time by a violinist and two hooded guitarists. Visual clashed with musical, live violin clanged with sampled strings, guitars drowned out by a loud drone, and audience bemused.

Overall, I can’t say the experience captured the magic of Mellies, or the beauty and mystery of the cosmos, but it did give it a go, and the atmosphere itself in the dark Hackney Attic with the trippy imagery was a sort-of simulation of the theme. But the best bit was the gooey chocolate brownie from the kitchen downstairs.


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