Shorts On Tap presents: Women In Revolt – Crossing Boundaries


SOT, as we chummily refer to them, are greedily sticking their fingers into all sorts of pies nowadays. At the moment they are curating their first recurrent in the form of a three tiered female-focused collection of short film nights (of which two have already happened), and we had the pleasure of attending Part II: Crossing Boundaries on Monday evening.

In the rickety, fully un-built basement of Deptford cinema, we witnessed a collection of truly inspiring short films from various countries and perspectives – and all of them directed by women. Ranging from Russian adolescent drama to Islamist ritual documentation, the commitment to a women’s narrative, and how that narrative can be translated through the medium in our current cinematic climate, was upheld. A common denominator of the evening was a fiery passion in all the filmmakers to give a voice to the previously unheard, made clear in their work and reaffirmed in the talks some of them gave afterwards. This felt refreshing and set the evening apart from previous Shorts On Tap events, which are usually dominated by male filmmakers, and not necessarily presented from the angle of protest.

photo by Luigi Cianfarano
photo by Luigi Cianfarano

True, the event was oversold. It was crowded, hot and uncomfortable sitting on the dusty carpet, surrounded by plywood and hanging electricals (Deptford Cinema is in the process of being built by a community of volunteers, and although is set to be a wonderful and needed establishment in the area, is far from finished). But this guerilla screening style feel was somehow fitting in a female heavy room, as we watched challenging content that in itself was crossing a boundary by being shown to us. In a city saturated with platforms for male storytelling, we couldn’t be more grateful for a mini ladyfied film festival by the innovators at SOT.

Women In Revolt is a project that is only set to grow to more exciting heights, as it will be continuing on a bi-monthly basis, and is supported by Film Hub London, partner of the BFI Film Audience Network and in collaboration with the fabulous Club Des Femmes.

Do not miss Women In Revolt: Body Of Work, the final evening, on April 20th.

Film Of The Evening: ICE FLOW by Maria Loyter

ICE FLOE – short (teaser) from Evgeny Sinelnikov on Vimeo.


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