Shorts On Tap present: PSYCHO – TALES OF MADNESS

Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! MWAHAHAHA HA HA!!!!


Things have got dark. Tuesday was the 55th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, the original stabby shower film, and to celebrate Shorts On Tap hosted a night of insanity-themed short films in collaboration with the London Film Academy, giving us eight chilling shorts to send us into a spiral. I’m not going to deceive you, we wet our pants a little bit.


“You won’t sleep tonight”, warned SOT producer Filippo Polesel on our way in. Well, you weren’t wrong. Sleep deprived I may be, but it was all worth it to experience what they’d clubbed together. As usual, there were a host of directors to talk about their films following the showings, including Walter Martyn Cabell and his fucking fabulous leading lady Hetty Baynes Russell from BLANCHE DUMAS – FROM B TO Z (who really did steal the show), and Olly Williams who made THE FLY (our favourite of the night).


Williams’ dark comedy combined a stylized British gangster look with a comic, snappy script. The leading guy, Jack Doolan, caught Williams’ attention for his part in CEMETERY JUNCTION. This David and Goliath battle truly shows how bloody frustrating a fly can be at the worst of times.



Harry Garne took to the stage to invite us all to enter our short horror films into Studio Lambert’s new project for BBC3, THE FEAR. Whoever is voted as having made the scariest will receive funding for their next project (send the links to We are well up for participating! Our’s is going to be our morning lizard routines, where we spend 4 and a half hours covering up our scales with make up. Trust us – it’s terrifying.




Want to get involved in low-budget horror film-making? You could start by supporting John Danvoye and his upcoming short film REPOSSESSED by donating to his kickstarter page:


“Who inspired this character, Walt?” “My Mother.” Walter Martyn Cabell and Hetty Baynes Russell from BLANCHE DUMAS: FROM B TO Z


Next up from Shorts On Tap on June 30th is LIFE THRU A LENS, working with the London Documentary Network to bring us some gems from the short doc scene.



Finally, our pre-SOT pig-out spot this week was DF Mexico: a Mexican diner where we spent an hour stuffing our faces with pulled pork tacos, chicken tortas and 37 refills of bottomless coke. Blissful, reasonably priced, and topped off with a ‘defrozen’ Margarita full to the brim with golden tequila. If you’re making a night of it in the east and you need a belly-lining of something delicious and spicy you could do worse than this place, conveniently situated in The Old Truman’s Brewery.


All SOT photos by Luigi Cianfarano


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