Through The Lens Of Hip Hop @ London Feminist Film Festival

A big thank you to The London Feminist Film Festival for organising an eclectic evening at Rio cinema last night centred around Hip Hop and percussion music. The event was about confidence, self-expression and women staking a claim in the music world.

THE LADY OF PERCUSSION (La Dama de la Percusión). Directors: Rakel Aguirre, Alina O’Donell and Karla Díaz Montalba

Preceding the main event was a short film about Deborah, a percussionist from Old Havana, Cuba, who has had to fight to be part of the world of the batá drum (an instrument traditionally only played by men). What was encouraging was her air of positivity: she had become a percussionist because she was a percussionist. It wasn’t a choice, and therefore her path, although going against the traditional gendered grain, felt natural. It was about having the confidence to make it happen.

THROUGH THE LENS OF HIP HOP: UK WOMEN. Directors: Silhouette Bushay and Samantha Calliste

Through a mixture of interviews with Hip Hop artists, experts, theorists, DJs, cultural activists and general lovers of the genre, THROUGH THE LENS paints a picture of the UK female scene that is insightful and energising.


Demonised as it historically is, the film presents Hip Hop as an inspiring genre that gives hope to millions of displaced-feeling kids. We hear the opinions of dancers, grafitti artists, MCs and DJs (all female) who describe the music as ‘a way of life’. Reframing the Hip Hop argument, in a female-centric space, is a wonderful step in the right direction.

Catch the LFFF event BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE’S ANGRY tonight @ Rio Cinema.


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