Best of #UnderwireFest 2016

It’s that time of year again: Underwire Festival (30th Nov – 4th Dec) have released their programme and it’s as packed with as many treats as Santa’s sack. Here’s our pick of this sassy female film festival’s best offerings that simply cannot be missed. Seriously, save the dates now to avoid kicking yourself in a month.

Lonely Two-Legged Creatures, 3rd Dec 6pm Genesis Cinema

Loneliness and isolation are dismantling people’s innate health, pointing us towards quick-fix solutions and perpetuating an underclass of addicts to one thing or another. The sad truth is that the fallout of inequality is widespread division. These films address this crucial issue, utilising that magical quality of film to both bring people together and offer uniquely personal experiences. Do not miss this eclectic collection of shorts.

Little Soldier by Stella Corradi, 3rd Dec 2pm Genesis Cinema

It’s going to be a long day at Genesis cinema for you. DO NOT MISS Corradi’s utterly stunning Little Soldier. It’s one of the best short films we’ve ever seen, addressing things like intergenerational mothers and their relationship with their daughters, London’s multiculturalism playout, the resilience of kids and the power of love from a young age.

It’s part of the Mommie Dearest strand and, being massive advocates for films about motherhood, we’d encourage you to see the whole darn programme.

Incredible Machines by Kathryn Ferguson, 20th Nov 6.30pm Genesis Cinema

Ferguson’s film is nothing short of a celebration of female strength in all its diverse glory. Showcasing some incredibly inspiring females of all ages, it literally made us want to leap out of our seat and start ululating with joy. We can do this. We can be whatever we want to be. And it contains a very simple summary of beauty expectations: they’re boring.



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