Director Onur Tukel Cast Sandra Oh, Anne Heche, Alicia Silverstone

What is the best way to portray on screen the political madness that going on in America? Sure, you could have an accurate and dark depiction (probably starring Meryl Steep) or you could get two women to beat the shit out of each other for 96 minutes as a metaphor for the ridiculous of war and excess.

Onur Tukel chose the latter to create this fantastical farce on western civilisation. Two women, old friends now nemeses from college bump into each other at a party. One hideously wealthy and proud of it, the other an artist on the cusp of success. Wine mixed with jealousy causes a violent outburst from them both, in which they literally beat each other senseless until one of them ends up in a coma for two years. We see the death and destruction that the new war on terror has caused, as we move into the second act of the film. The film has a very clear message: war (particularly one without a clear cause) cause is wrong – men and women going are going in to fight because they think it is worthy, but really all they are fighting for is the defence industry.

CATFIGHT is split into three acts, each act featuring another fight. By the third act the audience is completely numb to the shocking violence – clearly a representation of how numb we are as a society to violence as it takes up so much space in our media. The Shakespearean quality of the film is emphasised by the melodramatic and frivolous music, which constantly makes light of serious situations. The film is clearly a farcical parody – a ‘what could happen’ if you will, you only have to take one look at Turkel’s twitter account to see he is deeply against the conservative-right shift that is being led by the shrivelled orange in a suit that is taking place currently. No one in this film is taking what is going on seriously, because it is all so awful all we can do is laugh.

The whole film is ridiculous, but frankly so is the world we live in now.



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