Hector teaser poster

Jake Gavin’s sensitive portrait of a man coping with homelessness left cinemas far too quickly. With a performance from Peter Mullan (who experienced sleeping rough periodically throughout his life) that takes the breath away, we knew we had to fight to bring the film back into the public eye. All profits will be donated to local homeless charity 999 Club.

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Our first ever Girls On Film Presents event will take place at the community-driven, volunteer-run establishment that is the only cinema in the borough: Deptford Cinema! We will be screening an utter underrated-gem-of-a-thriller by director Riley Stearns and starring his missus Mary Elizabeth Winstead, FAULTS. Riley and Mary have supported us from start to finish in our ambition to bring the film to London audiences and we couldn’t be prouder to be the ones to have pulled it off.

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